Anyone else having outfit glitch?

So basically I code in that she changes outfit and everything and sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn’t but I use the exact same code every time, all of the outfits exist. Is this just a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

@ ADRIENNE changes into femaleschool
(But without the space on the @)

Did you make sure that the outfit name is correct?

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Is your character changing/not changing immediately after the command? Or is it sporadically when you’re previewing? Pretty much every scene your character will stay in their default outfit on the web preview. If the command isn’t working, it might be a glitch but I would send a support ticket.

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As Jade writes - in web it doesnt remember clothes from previouse episode espacially if you refresh the page so if she changes in episode 1 in episode 2 she wil be in preview again in the default clothes…but app does remember it so in app you will see her in the last chosen clothes.

Another thing I am thinking about is the naked glitch - whith you probably do not mean… but there is a glitch in the app that it from some reasons sometimes do to show the clothes even the script is correct…for example in my story some readers have seen teacher in class without throusers (which is pretty stupid) even he is 100% sure fully dressed.


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