Anyone else having preview errors?

While I was creating my story (on the computer) I was trying to preview my story but then it froze and said “Error 27”. It stopped at the same spot each time and she was saying “UGH!” but every time I tried to make it continue, it freeze and I had to restart the site to preview my story again. The only error I had in my story was that my overlay wasn’t approved yet (which has never caused any preview glitches for me in the past). Does anyone know how to fix this or what is causing it?

Background information: Before it said “Error 27”, it said “Error 67”. It switched to “Error 27” after I changed something (This happened last night so I can’t remember every single detail, but this is what I know for sure happened).

which browser are you using?

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Google chrome browser, Is that what you mean?

Yes :slight_smile: can you show the part of your script where error pops up?



It’s weird because it’s like the program skipped over some of the things I told her to do before she said “UGH!”

it’s because of @transition fade out black in 0

delete in 0 and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

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let me know if this work :smiley:

I’m still trying it out, but while your here may I ask you a question?

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of course :slight_smile:

One of my lines of script is

(whatever I made her say)

Is there a way to not get my character to appear when I type her name to make her say something?

It has worked! Thanks.

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Yes, you can use Narrator box:




If you want to use speech bubble to appear and your character not, just place your character in the different zone that scene takes place in

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Thanks for all the help. Couldn’t have completed my story without it!

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No problem! :hugs: let me know if you have more questions or problems in the future :smile:

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