Anyone else having the problem?


The page to get into my stories just stopped working. I checked my internet and its fine. I can get on this site and any others, but not the one for my stories…


can you still write a story?


No it keeps coming up blank and last time this happen it took Episode 2 weeks to get back to me and say we’re working on it and another for it to get fixes. I just want know if anyone else is having this problem


maybe you should test log out from your account in episode interactive and log in after a few minutes?


I had exactly the same problem! I also could do everything but only i couldn’t get in my storys and couldn’t write. There was nothing I could do. But after 3/4 months there came a update with episode so I updated it and than I could do everything again.


It’s not even opening the page so I can try last time it happens Episode support told me it was a bug and there was nothing I could do that had to fix it. :expressionless::cry:


Hmm, have you tried another browser like maybe microsoft edge? or mozilla firefox?


Did you try clearing your browser cache and using Google chrome?

If support said that there is nothing that can be done then I don’t think any troubleshooting in this thread will help. Please reach back out to support again if you feel they can do more for you.


I didn’t think about cleaning browser thank you and i only use google chrom


Any progress? :thinking:


Yes that seemed to work


Awesome! Happy to help! :smile:


Solved and closed. Thanks!