Anyone else having this issue (previewing)



Not sure if it’s my coding (though I don’t have any error messages) but whenever I try and preview my story on my desktop browser there’s just a black screen. I’m pretty sure it’s not my connection or my laptop either, and I’m just a little frustrated. Help?


I’ve had this happen to me before and there’s two ways I dealt with it.
The first way was either reloading the page or exiting it then re-entering the chapter.
Or I went on the app, signed in there and did things from my phone/tablet.


I’ve been using the app for now and I did try reloading multiple times
Maybe episode is updating the system or something I’m not really sure


Make sure to submit a ticket regarding this just in case it is a bug or glitch. Thanks!


I have been getting that and also an error. It said your script cannot be found. So I have to constantly refresh my page. It does become annoying.