Anyone else having this problem? :/

So… I am trying to write a chapter of my story and I need to use the zoom function in the previewer. The “zoom” part of it works fine, but when I try to use the “focus”, the zoom slowly slides out of place, if that makes sense? I have no idea if what I’m trying to say makes sense. Basically, I have the zoom focused in a certain place, and the zoom slides/shifts left/right/up/down out of the place where I put it.

Like, for example, if I shift the zoom upwards a little bit and stop, it doesn’t stop going up, it goes up by itself until it reaches the top of the screen and can’t go up any further.

Update: it’s now happening with the zoom part and the characters as well, it keeps zooming in/out and moving the characters even after I stop holding down the cursor

And yes, I have refreshed multiple times :confused: It’s making everything really difficult.

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Yes, that happened to me! So I had to change the scene. But I think it’s because the zones


I’m relieved that it’s not just me! :sweat_smile: I hope this will get fixed because it’s really irritating :confounded:

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Bump, it’s still happening

If you are trying to zoom on a spot that exists between two zones, it’ll bump out of place when you try to focus.

But it kind of sounds like what’s happening to you is different. This might be a dumb question, but do you have a million tabs open and or/slow WiFi? It sounds like your portal is just delayed.

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It’s in the middle of zone 1 haha

I only have 3 tabs open, one with characters, one with the script itself, and one with the art catalog, and as for the wifi, my wifi is not the fastest and can sometimes be slow, but I’ve tried going on other websites to see how fast they load and it’s almost instant :thinking:

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