Anyone else having trouble opening their stories to write?

Hey guys the last few days I’ve had a hard time opening the writers portal and more so my episodes I want to continue to write on are not loading, it opens the page and loads my story, but doesn’t stop saying it’s loading and even if I started to write, I wouldn’t be able to save, because that’s still what’s loading. Just wanna know if anyone else is having this problem or just me and if anyone knows a way to fix it? I just wanna write!!

Please and thank you! :grin:

make sure your connection (wifi) is good, and try it on different browsers. if it continues to happen throughout all browsers, i suggest you to contact the episode team ->

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Thank you I’ve tried that so I guess I’ll have to contact episode!

of course! the writer’s portal is known for having issues all the time so no worries :two_hearts:

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