Anyone Else Having Youtube Issue


Uh…im I the only one that is noticing that Youtube is kinda crashing or not showing up? What is going on?


aaah I thought it was just me :sob: if you go on twitter, everyone’s losing their minds over it being down lmao


I thought it was just me too! I’m having issues with my internet, so I thought it was because of that!


Same, I thought it was my internet!!! lol


It’s not working for me either…


I thought it was just me. Lol


I guess the whole world is having the same thing. Big crash!


Yes, YouTube is down for me too. If you go on Twitter, you’ll see many people talking about it.

Instagram was down just last week (or was it some other week?) and now it’s YouTube’s turn.


omg…now how the hell im i going to watch WWE!!! lol


How am I supposed to watch Twenty One Pilots randomness?


How am I suppose to listen to Heathens!!!


A while ago I thought this was karma for me watching Youtube instead of doing my homework… :sweat_smile::woman_facepalming:


How am I supposed to memorize every song from Trench now?!!


How the hell am I going to watch funny videos. lol



Why was that uploaded as a png? Lol


yep, same with mine.




It was working an hour ago for me and I saw this thread and checked my youtube again and its not working now lol


Youtube is down worldwide…omg.