Anyone else identify as transgender?

Hey guys! I’m new to episode and wanted to see who else was trans on forums? I’m trans (mtf) and use she / they pronouns.
Also who else wishes episode would release a story featuring a transgender character? :rainbow: :transgender_flag:


I’m not trans, but I am lesbian! I do also wish they would release a story with a trans character as well as a Plus character


I’m also lesbian! Also wish episode had a lesbian flag emoji… :rainbow_flag:


Yesss I agree

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I am not trans, but I very supportive of the trans comunity, and two of my good friends are trans. they both been male trans

I also know about trans, because I have done resserch for my book (that I wanna publish IRL) which include a trans charatere

so if you wanna talk or need support I would be happy to be there.

that would be cool, but since episode almost only buy already publish stories now instead of makeing new once a story with a trans charatere have to get very popular. and I legit only know one.


If you ever need help with your story, I’m always more than happy to answer questions!


thanks :heart:

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