Anyone else noticing that guys are a different size than girls in Limelight?

I’m working on a new story and, when playing it through to make sure there weren’t any bugs, I noticed that the guys were a lot smaller than the girls - very noticeably so. It’s not just the height, their face size and body size is scaled down compared to the girls. Is this something that’s just happening to me, or is it happening to other people too? When playing through stories in limelight style on Episode, I haven’t noticed this happening. Do I have to manually scale the guys to be bigger than the girls in every scene? Is there a quick fix that I can use? Is this something that’s just showing up on my phone, and hasn’t done so to other people’s?

Thank you so much for any help you can offer!

Yes. I have to spot direct all my characters rather than using the default positions. It’s very annoying.

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