Anyone else noticing this...?

Alright so if you don’t know who I am, I write and edit episode stuff. And since I’m on spring break I thought “hey I’ll take a lot of requests to give me something to do” but no. Every time I see a thread that, for example, needs a cover, I click annnnnnd, the exact same person puts their art shop on every. Single. Thread. So I have a couple past requests to finish but I can get those done in a day. Did any of you guys notice this? And do you think it’s ok? because I think that you should give some other people chances to make art


I see this a lot and i think other people should have a chance instead of the same people getting requests.

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Is this about me? cause I do that

to be fair no one ever go to my art shop. if i can call it that.

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No it’s not you, I haven’t seen yours

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While I can understand it might be annoying to see that the same people are replying to different requests, they don’t have any obligation to anyone to step aside to let others do the cover/edit etc. What you can do is to work on how you display yourself to those making the requests.
When you reply to these kinds of threads, look at it as it is a job application. You have to show them that you are the best for the job. For example, try adding previous works you have made. Doing that you will give them an idea of what you can do and what they can expect. You can also give them an approximate on how long it would take you to finish their request. If there is someone replying to each thread they might have a long waiting list and the creator of the thread might not want to wait that long.
If you do that then it’s up to the people making these requests to decide who they want to make their cover/edit etc and it won’t matter if someone is replying to all the threads.


Yeah, I’ve been trying to beat them out. It just gets annoying after a while that they are replying to every single thread