Anyone else that thinks THIS IS AMAZING!


Hello episode is this just me or are you guys in love with the new features, clothes and the backgrounds (wich isn’t that new) as much as, i am (don’t think it’s possible tho). I think it’s SO GREAT that episode has made there platform even more exclusive then before, i am so proud of them, and for a LONG time i have wanted to make a story about someone who is jewish (not religious but still beleiving), and now i can finally do that.
The ONLY problem, i have seen so far is that the kippahs (wich is a form of a hat that men/boys put on , is only availible for the female characters wich doesn’t make much sence (unless you ofcourse want a female character to have one on) am, i the only one who is having this issue?


Headscarf Wrap Cotton Yellow Saffron

Headscarf Neck Short Cotton Yellow Saffron

Headscarf Wrap Draped Cotton Yellow Saffron

Rosary Necklace Wood Brown

Coin Necklace Jade Jade Mint Green

Star Of David Necklace Metal Silver

Prayer Beads Bracelet Wood Carved Brown

Bindi Red True

Bangle Bracelet Jade Mint Green

Cross Necklace Metal Silver

Standard Kippah Cotton Grey White


  • I don’t really like it
  • I don’t really care that much

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Thank you so much for voting if you did and remember to leave a comment if there is something you want to add :blush::blush:

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They do exist to male. try and search them

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ooh yeah thanks :sweat_smile::joy:

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Yeah i don’t really know there are some women that likes to Wear Them but you May be right im nit quite sure what to Think about maybe some people are gonna use it as a hat (wich there isn’t a Big risk of) but we don’ know until it happens

Honestly, I don’t care about these. Although it’s nice that they have them, I’m an atheist, and religious things don’t really connect with me.

It’s quite disprectful wearing rosaries as necklaces…

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Has anyone asked Episode why there are Kippahs for females? Because it’s really confusing why they did that and makes them look dumb imo

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I did but I didn’t got a response :woman_shrugging:

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