Anyone else used to hate Limelight?

I first started reading episode around the time when INK was introduced, so all the stories i read were in INK. I took a break from episode then came back to find out that LL was a thing :sob:. I have a problem with change especially if its a change that I didn’t want so I basically boycotted any story that used LL instead of INK :skull:. One day I decided to write a story and I thought “Let me try out LL real quick” And I started liking it because of the way the clothes looked and how there were more animations.


Literally in the exact same boat right now! I used to despise Limelight though. I would trash it every chance I had. LOL.
Now, I love it as much as I love Ink!

Ink still owns my heart, but honestly, it’s easier to write in LL, and also far more comfortable due to the diverse features.


Same! Ink will always be in my heart, but I prefer limelight! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:


I’m with you! I use to hate limelight and would just not even think of reading a story In it; but it’s not bad at all now!


yes that was so me. i hated the way LL looked with a passion until i eventually actually read a story in it


Yeahhh. I love ink. I just don’t feel it when it comes to LL. There a so many people on the app who r like ‘I’m not reading it bc it’s ink’ I think it’s kinda sad. Ink is such an amazing style and now the only ink story in the trending section is “Pregnant By My Student” :speak_no_evil:


It was Ink that I originally hated when I first joined episode as I thought that the style was…uh what do I say…like kinda too unrealistic, but now, my god I’M OBSESSIVELY IN LOVE WITH INK :joy:

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Omg I had the exact same, I remember hating it when it was first introduced and got rlly annoyed when a story was in ll instead of ink but then I started writing in it and reading now I can’t read ink :sweat_smile: :blob_hearts:

For me I start reading in Episode when ink style was popular and limelight was newly introduced but then slowly limelight become popular as weekly update stopped for ink style and every one shifted to limelight

For me both are amazing and owns special place in my :heart:

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