Anyone Else? Writers Block?

I absolutely love coming up with characters their backgrounds and their stories, but I am always in a constant state of writers block. Is that just me? I can never figure out how to word things, or finish the plot or storyline. like ??? help :sweat_smile:

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Nah me too. But it comes in random spurts. Five mins ago I had writers block and was like: Well, its time to go to bed anyway, now im going to bed “going to bed.” And i have need to write again! Ugh. It’s TORTURE! Especially when you have THE NEED to write but you’re on a school trip and you like writing electronically. Welp. Gonna just store all the story info and stuff in my brain then. Night forums.


That’s me though. Except not spurts of it. It’s constant lol

ugh. That must be tough. Maybe try moving on to something completely different then what you’ve been writing.

I’ll have to try that, maybe come up with a different way of telling the story or something. But thank you. You’re sweet for listening to (reading) my sleep deprived rant/rambling