Anyone else's episode portal glitching?

So I know that I just made a topic somewhat recently about Cannot resume from a story node that is not found And I think episode fixed that since I haven’t gotten that in awhile. But now like every 5 minutes like when i go to move a character and i hit the button spot directing it won’t work and I’ll have to refresh the screen two times to get it to work. And like when scaling the characters sometimes all it will do is scale even when the option is on move. Or like when I tap to continue the script in preview the characters lines won’t move and it’s like it’s frozen, but yet the portal isn’t it’s like it’s just a preview problem only.
Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me? Because technology honestly hates me with a passion. And I mean it’s not a big deal for me to refresh it just annoys me that I have to do it every like 3 lines I write.


Yeah, this happens to me as well.

Yeah, this happens to me as well.

It’s like they fixed that issue, and there are other issues instead.

Yeah…This happens to me a lot it’s like the glitches loves me :sob:

This happens to me and is frustrating. Sometimes I lose my work, so I create documents with copies of what I’ve done. Learned from my mistake. :+1:

I can relate! Sometimes my whole portal reviewer freezes and I can’t click on the screen to move the dialogue as well as spot directing. It sucks. :sob:

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