Anyone Fancy Creating A Cover For My Story :/

:relaxed: I just thought I would put this on here because I don’t have the software to create my own Cover photo. Also I have an ancient computer so it won’t let me download anything either. The cover art doesn’t have to be detailed or anything either. My story is called “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?!” Basically the MC is scared of men, sees a “pretty girl” at a singles part, they go to her apartment and he turns out to be a famous model in disguise. Literally anything will do and I have photos for reference. I would be so grateful that words can’t explain, truly!..:blush:

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What do you want the characters to be doing? I could possibly make it for you, if I have the motivation tomorrow.

It would be helpful if you also added their details.

Thanks for replying so fast… I didn’t really think i would get a reply at all tbh :relaxed: umm… so if you decide to actual do it, first of all i would be so grateful… but anyway i want the girl (Sherry) to be shocked to see the boy (Ryan) out of his disguise as she doesn’t know he is a boy… IDK whether the pictures i uploaded are any helpful but I will add the details anyway


*Body: Gold 02
*Brow: Round Thin (Light Brown)
*Hair: Medium Messy Fluffy Parted (Dirty Blonde)
*Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Sunken (Blue Deep)
*Face: Square Defined
*Nose: Straight Flat
*Lips: Medium Heart (Beige Gold Matte)

*Button Up Denim Dress T Shirt Layered Denim Blue Oxford
*Laceup Athletic Running Shoes Cotton Brown Oak


*Body: Gold 01
*Brow: Round Thin High (Dark Brown)
*Hair: Updo (Brown Black)
*Eyes: Deepset Upturned Wide (Emerald Green)
*Face: Diamond
*Nose: Defined Natural
*Lips: Small Heart (Pink Beige Gloss)

*Strapped Accented Face Brown Sable
*Skirt Jeans Jacket Tucked In Shirt Cotton Blue Oxford
*Laced Up Booties With Sock Brown Grey

Honestly you can do whatever you want with it. I’m just happy that your even considering it :blush: Thanks xx

I had a look at what I could

ok :blush: thanks :relaxed:

I’ll see what I can do. Do you need it by a certain time? It takes a bit to make covers. I just need a day or two. I’m going to start tomorrow since I won’t have time today.

No time limit… you can do it whenever you feel like it…:relaxed: idm

I’ve made different ones. The lighting (filter) is a bit different. I can redo it if you hate it.

Small Covers.

Hii I can make you one if you want

They genuinely look amazing :blush:! I hope I’m not coming off as annoying or anything but I just want to keep my options open. I am really grateful you took your time to create these awesome covers I’m just a selective person that’s all and want to see what others make of it as well xx :relaxed:

If you want… It’s up to you :relaxed::star:

That’s completely fine, I get it.

thank you :blush: