Anyone Feel like Pitching in Story Ideas? Write them Here!

This thread was created specifically for story ideas to be shared. Keep in mind that anyone can be reading and taking ideas. For those who do decide to take ideas, I think it would be appreciated if you gave the suggester a heads up. I’m also making this so I can get some inspiration too.


I found this on pinterest:

Write a story from a dead person point of view.

My own:

The protagonist is in love with the love interest. However, he doesn’t know she exists even though she’s his (neighbor, mom’s best friend, brother’s best friend) until one day they are placed together for a group project.

You could make it less cliche then that.


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I love your idea! I think I might borrow it and create a story!

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Omg is there a limit of story ideas? Lol I have way too many

No! No limit! Feel free to write as many or as few as you want!

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