Anyone finding it hard to get your story noticed and get reads?

I worked hard on my story and just find it to be disheartening when you aren’t getting reads! (Besides R4R and story promotion) Almost makes me want to stop writing. Anybody else feel this way!?


Yes I do sometimes

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Yup me.

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felt that :v:t4:

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I feel like they need to come up with a better way for authors to be noticed!


At first it was difficult for me, but I found that networking through instagram and doing R4Rs was really helpful! I also found that when I stop focusing on how many reads I’m getting, I tend to put out better work and that definitely attracts more readers, too.


It is hard to get going but as @dishsoap said r4rs and promoting it does help, I been in the same situation before where I feel like I wanna to give up but I kept going talking to friends and people motivating and supporting you does really help.
I also too feel like giving up not necessarily from reads mostly from finishing up my story (im sad it’s going to end kinda stressing about it.)

I talk to one of my friends on different platform August 2020

I said to them " I don’t trust myself sometimes I wanna give up" I still don’t trust myself at times :joy::joy: but that’s beside the point.

They said keep trying it will make you better you have to keep going nobody else can tell your STORIES BUT YOU CAN AND ONLY YOU!!

KEEP WRITING trust me it takes awhile to get reads saying this from my own experience but I kept going and to the point didn’t care for reads anymore as long as you fell in love with your storyline everything else will fell into place and other people will like it too. That’s when you at least expect it boom you blow up or get featured not everyone has experiences that but they keep going no matter what and plus if you give up now who will do the story the way you want to tell it? No one but you can do this!!
:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::sob::sob::sob: I understand what you’re going through you got keep going unless you don’t like the storyline or if its not motivating you then take an break-- Actually I planned on taking an full break from writing when I finished the storyline if I can even finish it without procrastinating. :joy::joy::grimacing:

Might take an break now without finishing it idk :joy: im not tired of the storyline just stressed out with ending how I want it to be.

Remember why you started writing in the first place why you wanna create the storyline?

I hope this helps also take breaks from writing if you’re experiencing writer’s block I know I do plenty of times on my stories no shamed and don’t feel guilty because reading others make me motivating and watching movies, t.v and other stuff. It’s inspiring :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


Also updating constantly also helps with reads too.


Thank you for the thoughtful words :heart::heart::heart:

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:heart: :heart: :heart:
Anytime if you have any questions you can pm me.

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I did, and so I stopped.

I’ve been writing now just for my own entertainment; I’ve no plans to publish the story I’m working on.

I got just over 60 reads by hustling and R4Rs and all that, and it never took off, never even ranked.

It’s frustrating. I had hoped this could turn into another writing outlet and another revenue source; One out of two. And the coding has been so labor intensive that it’s been hard to make any kind of output schedule, even if there had been demand.


Yes this exactly how I feel and I also have 2 stories I haven’t published.