Anyone for a cover art

hi guys.
I’m a new arrived. I just started my story and the writing is going pretty well.
That’s why I would like to know if anyone was interested into creating both the small and large cover art for my story. I tried to do it myself, but it turned out I wasn’t exactly cut for it. I don’t want it to sound rude but I’m looking for a free-work , since I’m a teenager and I still can’t provide for myself.
Anyway… If anyone feels up for it, please contact me so I can feed you with all the information you need to create your art
THank yOU:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m willing to help

Here is 1 of my examples which has actually turned out good

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Will you end up needing a proof reader as well? I can help in that department?

That’s gorgeous…
If your still up for it I can give all the info you need!

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Yeah I’m still up for it just send me the

charcter deets:
when you need it:

Could you please explain what a “proof reader” is? I’m new around here…

Haha, it’s fine. A proof reader is someone who reads through your story before you publish it and gives you feedback as well as tips, and directing/dialogue mistakes that were made, so you can fix them and get someones opinion



girl mc: skin color: rose 04 - brows: round medium (dark black) - hair: long straight loose bangs blunt solid (brunette brown) - eyes: deepset upturned wide (ice blue) - face: diamond - nose: round button upturned - mouth: full round pouty (red deep matte)
boy mc: skin color: copper 04 - brows: round medium (dark black) - hair: messy undercut (dark black) - eyes: oval wide (brown pale) - face: male generic - nose: male generic - mouth: medium hearth (beige deep neutral)


boy to the left (taller!) and girl to the right. He’s primp_neutral and she’s flirt_wink_atcamera_pose


Hearts full of Stars


itAintWonderland (in very little)

(both title and author at the bottom of the cover if possible)



Chained Pendant Simple Crystal Red Plum Rose

Simple Boho Feathered Metal Red True

Heels House Party Leather White

Strapped Accented Watch Face Blue Navy

Floral Lace Bodice Mermaid Dress Silk Blue Cerulean


Button Up Rolled Up Sleeves Tucked Cotton Grey White

Minor Faced Watch Leather Grey Black

Hoop Earring Silver Line Metal Grey Black

Chelsea Ankle Boots Pull Tab Leather Grey Black

Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Black


I’d like to have a night sky with stars as a background
and I’d like the boy to hold an “old” key if possible of course

when I need it:

you can take all the time you need

Oh ok… thanks for the explanation.
And yes it would be wonderful to have you as my proof reader!

Awesome! Dm whenever you start finishing chapters with the story link and I’d love to look over it!

Im sorry for replying so late but I dont do LL…sorry Im not good at it

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