Anyone French here?


Hey! Currently I’m writing a story and I was wondering if someone who is French can DM me on Instagram madammeela.episode.


I speak French


I’m french


I speak French. I’m not French but it is my first language.


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French is my second language(:


Oui oui oui.


I speak French but My mother Is France


I wish I could speak good french…:joy:


Well, I need someone to help me with some French traditions, but I can’t have access to this forum account anymore since it’s my old one, and I’m using a new one. If any of you guys can DM me on Instagram it would be perfect.


I will teach you , my matchmaker :kissing_closed_eyes:


Aww thank you girl it seems so confusing though…:expressionless:


HUG :hugs:


I can speak minimal French.


I can count to 30 in French but thats about it :joy:


You might like this french-speaking thread


I’m French, but I don’t have Instagram :woman_shrugging:


Do you like animes ? :thinking:


Who doesn’t? :laughing: I haven’t had time to watch many though…



What kind ?