Anyone getting this strange forum glitch?


Apparently I was active in the US. I don’t know if this is a bug or just my browser but I’m just checking. Anyone else had this?


I have it, it isnt a glitch, its just saying where yr located whenever u are on the forums, and what device u are using,


The one which says united kingdom, may have the device location or name on it. I guess thats why its showing up.


It hasn’t happened to me. Just in case you’re being hacked or something, I recommend changing your password


But I have a phone from the UK and I live in the UK?


Alright, thank you. I’ll do that


the phone doesnt live in the UK XD

But if u do have a phone from the UK then it will give u the location on where u got the phone from I guess.Im not so sure :sweat_smile:


This would happen if you are using a proxy/vpn in order to evade a forum ban. Or if you are using a device in a different part of the world. Oooooorrrr if you shared your password with another user from the USA. :thinking: Either way, change your password and never share it with anyone else and you should be fine :slight_smile:


Strange thing is I changed my password and this is still happening. I’ve not been to the US recently and don’t use a VPN.


Please pm me with what is exactly happening. Thanks.