Anyone good at art? Looking for a cover artist


Thanks for dropping in!

I’m in serious need of a LARGE cover as soon as you could get it too me. I already have a small cover made. The details are fairly simple, and I don’t have preferences on whether it’s an art group, solo artist, small team, whatever. The story is called Violet Kisses.

I’m not looking to make this a contest!

  • If multiple people offer help, maybe I could just choose the best one and give a reward to the artist[s].


I’d like Gloria, the fairy with the green hair, to be standing on the left side of the cover. Here’s her picture:

Next, I’d like Violet, the lifeguard, to be standing on the right side of the cover, facing left, laughing. here’s her pic:

(Just flip it so she’s facing right.

This one is a bit tricky. I’d like Daniel, the boy, to be standing in the center of the cover, facing Violet, blushing. Here’s his pic:

But, I’d like another pic of Daniel, with a lower opacity so he’s like a ghost, facing Gloria, kissing her on the cheek. Here’s his pick:

I would like the background to look like this:

And I would like the text, “Violet Kisses” in any font, as long as it matches the theme.

The story is about a fairy named Gloria that travels to the human world to get what she needs to save her kingdom. She meets Violet, a lifeguard who agrees to help her, they become best friends. But then Gloria meets Violets boyfriend, Daniel, and they fall in love secretly, behind Violet’s back.

Hope you can help me!


Violet Kisses Art Contest #2

I can


me too


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Lol we both are in the same group


Great so you both want to help me? If so, I guess it could be a contest or something. Unless your in the same art group…




Were in the same team/family


no contest


Oh ok.


I will work on it know


Ok, thanks!




I call for large


I only need a large one…


I don’t need a small one. Maybe you could both do it together or separately and I’ll choose. Idk just please no small…


Oh well since she already started she can




Its ok im doing another request