Anyone good at art scenes? And want a project to do?


As I’m terrible at art scenes nor do I actually know how to do them would someone love to edit my lovely characters for a front cover page message me please if interested :wink:


so of course it’s a group cover I would like the red hair girl and the brunette guy to be next to each on the end the girl with black hair in the middle blushing at the guy with coal hair, and the girl with white hair to actually be Ponting the figure blurred of course :slight_smile: And in the centre as she MC black hair guy whenever u think is best and the ash blonde girl to be close to him as well and the back ground to be in a jail, hopefully that was a good enough explanation if anymore questions just ask I won’t have a problem answering xx


I Can try do u have an instagram I can send it to u? if u don’t mind just email it to me