Anyone good at coding overlays - HELP. 😂

I have this error, like not on the script but on the actual story when I try to play it on my phone. Can anyone work out what I’m doing wrong?

INT. SCHOOL CANTEEN with CANTEENTABLE to 0.370 105 233 in zone 2
@cut to zone 2

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Thank you thank you thank youuuuuu

Seriously thanks I couldn’t figure this one out :joy:

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No problem :smile: adding these numbers to the background prevent from overlay creating in the scene :slight_smile:

Can someone help… I want to make a scene where they are kissing and it looks like they’re pinned against the wall and it shakes how do I do this???

This is off topic, but here is a thread here. You need to be familiarized with stage directing to do this. Here is the thread. Here is a thread to ask questions if you ever need help.

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I know how to do this stuff I click on…

You asked how to make it look like they are pinned to the wall while kissing. I gave you a thread :woman_shrugging:t4: For the shaking bit. You would have to use transitions. But you should ask your question on the last link I sent.

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Ok thanks :+1:

Can I ask u a zooming question