Anyone good at making art scenes?

Hi! so I want a art scene with 2 characters kissing\hugging on a wall, here’s the background I want:

Also can you blur the background a little bit?

Here’s the postion I want them to be at–

I want them holding hands against the wall also


(character 1, against the wall)

(character 2, kissing character 1 against the wall)

I don’t really care if it’s drawn or edited just that they’re kissing against the wall! thanks to whoever can do it! :grin:

I can start on it first thing tomorrow!:heart:

Really? tysm! :grinning:


For the two characters, what are their lip colors?
And what pants is the 2nd character wearing?

character 1: blush, character 2: taupe & character 2 pants are Slim Slacks (black) sorry that I didn’t put the outfits in

It’s ok!

Here you go lovely! Hope it’s ok!

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It’s amazing!! but can character 1 be a little smaller then character 2 please? it’s fine if you can’t

Yeah I can, be back in a few!

Here you go!

thank you you’re so talented! :heart_eyes:

You’rs welcome, anytime!