Anyone got ANY ideas on how to?

Ahhh! I get so frustrated day by day from this. :sob::sob: has anyone got ANY idea at all on how to make hair like these two pictures?

(Art belongs to nour.episode on IG)


(Or how to contour / highlight / shade like them :joy::joy::sob:)

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That too

It depends on ur recources there are some rlly good yt vids but when I draw,I ushally use paper but thats verry low budget! Like I said, I suddgest yt!!

It’s shading and highlighting and then layered over individual strands of hair.

You just have to go back and forth with everything until the hair looks more realistic.

Oh, okay thanks! <3

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What app do they use for making edits like this?


It costs money :sob::sweat_smile:

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