Anyone got any Sci-fi backgrounds they're willing to share? Credit will be given!

Hey, y’all! So as stated in the title, I’m in need of some futuristic sci-fi backgrounds for a story I’m planning. I’m kinda aiming for backgrounds like those used in Loud by Kay Elle, if any of y’all have read that amazing story, or in Behind the Wall (I can’t remember the author’s name) but I’m really just looking for any futuristic backgrounds.

Credit will be given!

Thank you!

I have one that kiinda looks futuristic (tbh it’s also my goto for club scenes haha)


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That really does look like a club lol. :joy::joy::joy: thank you! I think with a few overlays it will look positively futuristic!


Check @amepisode she has lots of them in her drive!


Wow. I just checked them out, and they are amazing!!! Everything I need. Thank you so much for telling me about them!