Anyone got bullied if so what was the reason?

I got bullied/made fun of because of me not having long enough hair, and for being quote on quote ugly


I can make a joke but when people get upset with me or actual take me for one
thats when my feelings get hurt

  • Eating habits and Hair. I hate people.

I got bullied because I had more attention and more chill with everyone in my year group (at the time) than another person… it’s soooo weird and a long story :sob:. But till this day I’m confused why she had all this hate against me, to find out she was just kind of jealous a bit. People really bully people because they misable and unfortunetly insecure.


same with me boo they bullied me


Those who bullied me were boys… and they made fun of me for wearing glasses and whatever I was wearing.


i am kind , shy and i love be alone in my corner and even when i get awesome grade and more even when someone try bullied me about my hair , clothes , and stuff they don’t like they just hating because they don’t know what person going through in life and that why you have choose friend carefully because there are fake people i have alots in my life i really don’t like them and i been hurts to much and i been going through hard life just because people who judge people are mean people and in life when they get back the treatment i be sorry for them but they have to feels how we kind people feels and i just hate when people judge others skin tone and their body . Not everyone be perfect we all born different i love people for who they are and i really don’t like mean people they have to much negative . but you see Jesus always there for angel who come from heaven and mean people who do bad things go hell and lets me tell you if don’t believe god or Jesus . When you see him one day and he make that choice were he put you . if you have kind heart or mean heart . i am sorry if you have mean heart you going hell if you are killing , hurting animals like a freaking abusing person and more and that why i want be vet person to helps animal and more so they have happy life and while you guys think animals just toy like open your damn eyes and even when some of you think you can lets someone in self esteem . let’s me tell you about life, even when you have made a mistake in life it can be cheating or anything you have done because everyone have Serect . But for my hope of the people who have passed away from bullied and saving person they have love , even they have cancer ad more they fight through life .There are angel from god :sob: :disappointed_relieved: :pleading_face: I always pray and pray why i always in life and even when i never give up and i always pray to god . i always have faith in him and even people who have judge me or try said things to me i was born with slow brain were i was learning slow but people comes in my life helping me alots even i been going through stuff and @Sarah07 @Gurmeet @SWEET_MELODY @Shen never give up in life and always reach your goal and i believe in you Thanks you for being here :innocent: and it been my dream to write story and i love episode community and i hope everyone have wonderful day and never listen to negative people because we all are beautiful , never change who you are for someone you are not because their always hope to get back up .


Well to just put this out there I want to be a vet as well, and I am a Christian, and people used to well kinda still do say stuff about me being christian and I can’t personally say that this person is going to h*ll because I’m not God so I can’t say that but I can always pray for them that they will change and they will see the light at the end of the tunnel because God can do miracles like you have never seen before so just continue to pray for them because I still get bullied/made of still till this day because of hair and my weight and my face and etc. But trust me God is going to bless you. :slight_smile:


true because God have make choice but we just hope they change :innocent: i love your positive and same i still get bullied but it calming down but i sometimes get bullied but it still happens and never make people tell you about weight and hair because your pretty of who you are and god makes everyone different the way he created us to be and never listen to negative because your a fighter and God always be there to help a hand and don’t worry about them because their jealous .


awe thanks : )


you’re welcome :innocent: and you can be vet anything you want to be in life and i see that happens to other Christian when some people talks about them just because they believe the lord but never listen to negative just listen to positive and you can be Christian


I was a really timid person in my pre-school days. During my kindergarten days, there was one girl who wanted to forcibly friendship with me. Because she was alone as she was really mean, and nobody even dared mix with her.
I thought she used to cry alone because she had no friends…so i asked her to play with me.
She seemed cool at first, but then she became so overpossessive - she didnt let me talk to my other friends. And if I did, she would roughly push me on the ground letting me get hurt, or speak to me in agressive tone, or even stole my tiffin.
She was threatening me that not to complain to my mom that she eats my tiffin everyday.
I was scared at first, I couldn’t get the courage to tell. Then, suddenly, mom realised sth was wrong with me. She knew instantly that I wasnt having proper tiffin at school. She asked me, “What do you do with your tiffin? You dont complete the whole tiffin box…surely you arent the one eating it yourself, are you?”
Then i finally gathered up my courage and told her everything.
The next day, mom complained to the school admin, and that girl was expelled.


There were a mean girl, her cousin (Guy), and her friends would teamed up and bullied me by hurting me (like push me down, pulled my hair, slap my face, etc) and saying mean things of my nationality (Asian). It went on until 5 grades to 8 grades.

When I was in high school. I was walking in the hallway, I spotted the cousin and he saw me. He walked towards me, he was like saying hi to me like we’re like friends and telling me how beautiful I am. I wasn’t happy to see him and I ignored him, walking away, but he grabbed my arm.

He was asking me out on a date. I gave him an angry looks and said to him “What makes you think that I would go out a guy like you that bully and hurt me badly. I hate you so much and I don’t want to do anything with you and your cousin!” He was shocked and looks hurt.

I didn’t care because he deserves it. I walked away and I never saw him again. I hate them so much.

If I have to guess probably jealous because I’d get good grades and gets praised by teachers.


Oddly enough I got bullied for my grades, not for having low grades but quite the opposite. :skull:

I also got bullied for having shoes that were slightly too big for me when I was in like the 8th grade or something, but I still wore them because I liked them.

There were numerous other reasons too, but yeah.


For me, it was because I was “ugly”, and people would put pins on my chair hoping I would sit on them. :upside_down_face:


I nearly cried while reading yours. :sob: :pleading_face:

I always got bullied in school because of my hair. It’s very thick and I didn’t have very long hair, so most of my classmates said, that I looked like a wolf. I didn’t understand why and the only one who ever defended me, was my best male friend. I couldn’t do it myself because I wasn’t strong enough. I was fearing what they would do, if I stood up for myself. :pensive:
In the past three years of school my grades always got better and I always got faster in school with completing tasks. Mostly all of my classmates were jealous of that back then I believe, because they always were like: “OMG Sarah you’re already done? What a nerd.”, and stuff as that, but if I’m honest I tried not to think very much about it, because I was happy, that my grades got better and that I understood most things easily. :woman_shrugging: Of course my friends encouraged me to keep going because they were happy for me too. I really was and am glad for my friends, even though I don’t have many. :relaxed: :blob_hearts: They always stood up for me, when I didn’t and were listening or helping when I got problems.


To everyone who has ever been bullied, you are amazing, beautiful and sooo strong! :heartpulse:

I probably got bullied because I was a few years younger than my classmates (I skipped a grade), so they thought that made me an easy target.
I used to be a very happy, unbothered kid before I went to that class but because of the bullying, I got very shy, silent and insecure which made me an even easier target.

Sometimes I wonder how I would be if that never happened to me. I guess we’ll never know :woman_shrugging:


Period I’m glad you got the courage!

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I got bullied (by my whole class) for having good grades in school.