Anyone has problem with music?

hey y’all I was wondering does anyone have problem with music? When i preview the story on my laptop the music was there but when i preview it with my phone, there’s nothing. Sound is not a problem though. Can anyone help me with this?

It happened to me too.
Most often when I chose a scene to preview from the middle of the story.

Try to reset the app and read it again. I think there will sound again.

oh yeah thank you! I was worried it wasn’t gonna showed up to others too. thanks x

When I’m on my phone I have to turn my ringer on to hear the music, not sure if that’s the case here but it could help…? Let me know if it’s working :wink:

no i don’t need to turn on my ringer with other story. And i just read pitch perfect and it also happening with that story. I need to close the episode and then open it again so the music will appear again. it’s really annoying…

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