Anyone have a Cage Fighting Background/ any Backgrounds i can use?


Does anyone know a cage fighting ring background I could use (focused on the inside of cage) or anyplace I can get free backgrounds in general


do you want me to mske you one?


I could make one too :smiley:


I’d really appreciate it if you could sorry I didn’t reply I rarely check my emails


Like this?


Yes will that fit the needs to upload it to my backgrounds? I’m on my phone so I can’t check


I can check


This is the right size


Ok thank you so much I’ll make sure to give you credits in the episodes that I use it




@CecilieCreate it won’t be able to be approved by episode as it has watermarks all over it :thinking:


Oh, should i remove them, then?


No no coz that would be copyright… just find an image like that but which already has no watermarks


I can try