Anyone have a looping background?

I want something like my character is running in middle of night
And I want to loop the background .
Hope you get what I mean…
Thank you if you are willing to help :pleading_face:
Credit will be given ofcourse

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You may need to provide more details - you want an indoor background? Outdoors? City? Rural? 3 zones long? 4 zones long?

Jen’s tutorial and tips for smooth looping:

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This is a looping background I made. Not sure if it is what you are after though. I also have it in day and evening versions.

Daytime & Evening Versions


@biancahail can i used this background

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Of course! Anything I post to the forums is for free use by other Episode users! x


Thanks you so much @biancahail and how to credit you on story

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This is exactly what I was looking for :star_struck:
Thank you so much
How can I credit you?

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Just place this script when you show the image:

readerMessage By @biancahail on the Episode Forums. with messageTitle Background