Anyone have a rolling grenade script?

Hi! :wave:t3:
I’ve seen a few scenes where they rolled grenades. [For an action scene]
I have the grenade ol but I don’t know the script.

I’m wondering if anyone has the script for it?

I don’t have a template for that but you could try this.

&overlay GRANADE shifts to x y in T
@overlay GRANADE rotates 360 in T THEN overlay GRANADE rotates 0 in T loop [number of times you want it to rotate] times

T = time

This command makes it rotate all the way round to degree 360, then back to 0 and again to 360.
Hope it’s understandable. If not, check out a tutorial on how to animate overlays! :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! :relieved:

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