Anyone have a script template for this background?

I need a script template for my limelight characters in this background -


Thank you! :slight_smile:


check out Joseph Evan’s templates on and see if you find anything there :upside_down_face:

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I’ve checked but thanks.

&STUDENT1 spot 0.214 282 358 in zone 1 AND STUDENT1 starts idle_sit_legsup_neutral_loop
&STUDENT2 spot 1.280 45 -183 in zone 1 AND STUDENT2 faces right AND STUDENT2 starts talk_holdfist_happy_loop
&STUDENT3 spot 0.214 203 399 in zone 1 AND STUDENT3 starts talk_lay_awake_neutral_loop
&STUDENT4 spot 1.280 138 -183 in zone 1 AND STUDENT4 faces left AND STUDENT4 starts idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop
&STUDENT8 spot 0.713 33 195 in zone 2 AND STUDENT8 starts sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop AND STUDENT8 faces right
&STUDENT9 spot 0.214 132 399 in zone 2 AND STUDENT9 faces left AND STUDENT9 starts read_phone_neutral_loop
&STUDENT10 spot 0.214 157 394 in zone 2 AND STUDENT10 faces left AND STUDENT10 starts text_phone_neutral_loop
&STUDENT12 spot 0.214 92 398 in zone 2 AND STUDENT12 faces left AND STUDENT12 starts talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear
&STUDENT5 spot 0.713 65 130 in zone 3 AND STUDENT5 faces right
&pause for 5 THEN STUDENT5 walks to spot 0.713 900 128 in 10 AND STUDENT5 moves to layer 3
&STUDENT6 spot 0.196 278 395 in zone 3 AND STUDENT6 faces left
&pause for 6 THEN STUDENT6 walks to spot 0.196 -34 375 in 13 AND STUDENT6 moves to layer 2
&STUDENT7 spot 0.065 222 446 in zone 3 AND STUDENT7 faces left
&pause for 6 THEN STUDENT7 walks to spot 0.065 -13 456 in 16 AND STUDENT7 moves to layer 1
&cut to zone 1 AND zoom reset AND speechbubble reset
&pan to zone 3 in 15
@transition fade in black 1.3
@pause for 10
@transition fade out black 1.7

is this good?


Hey can u check for me whats wrong in my script?Its a mirror reflection scene.

Is this about this topic?

If not, pm me :wink:

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Yes actually.

How so?

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Idk where its wrong

This is off topic, so I can’t answer it. However, I’m sure if you go to another thread, you could find the answer to your question.

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Ok thanx anyway.:blush:

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No problem :wink:

Thanks its perfect! :heart:
What can i credit you as? :grinning:

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