Anyone have a story in mind?


Hey guys! I’m Mystic Taco on episode. You can mosey on over to my instagram for sneak peeks and more! I am currently writing a story This is Us and it just started production today! But that had me thinking. Does anyone have a story that they would LOVE to see on episode but it just isn’t there?? Let me know! I might be able to make it happen. Just fill out the template below! If I accept your story you will be a character in it and I will credit you!


  1. If I don’t accept your request…don’t fuss about it. I have a valid reason if I don’t accept it.
  2. Writing a story takes a LONG time! For that reason…I will only be accepting one request at a time
  3. Don’t start drama…just don’t
  4. If you’re not nice to me…I certainly won’t be accepting your request
  5. If I accept your request…I have all of the right to shut it down after the fact
  6. You MUST fill out the template
  7. No mature themes or strong language

~Story Title
~Story Description
~Story Genre
~Character Style
~Speechbubble Style
~Any specific characters in mind? (INCLUDE DETAILS)
~Any cover art or splashes in mind? (INCLUDE DETAILS (or pictures)
~Any art scenes in mind? (INCLUDE DETAILS OR PICTURES)
~Main events in story
~Any Love Intrests/Best Friends/Enimies etc?
~Any backgrounds/overlays needed? (INCLUDE DETAILS)
~Instagram Account
~YOUR character details (include outfit, role etc.)

I’ll let you know if you need to add anything else!!


Story Title ~ Superstar Love (or something else, lol I haven’t technically decided…)
Story Description ~ Its your first day in Hollywood! You recently sold a record that went fire around the world! But what happens when it comes to Romance? Will other celebrities use you?.. Or is it true love?
Story Genre ~ Romantic Comedy
Story Style ~ INK
Speech bubble Style ~ The Pink one or the normal one…
Specific Characters ~ Well, since most of the characters are customizable (I hope) N/A
Cover Art Or Splashes ~ Not yet! But if you do this i’ll send it to you…I didn’t make it yet.
Art scenes~ same as previous
Main Events~ Maybe sexual scenes? I’m not sure. And definetly a moment when a boyfriend/girlfriend cheats!
Mature themes and strong language ~ Yes
Instagram Account ~ @epiclaire

If you have any questions, just tell me! I’m open.
Love, Claire


Hi Claire! I am so sorry but I’m going to have to reject your request… But good luck with the story! I think you can make it work!

Best wishes!


Thank you anyways!


Omg I really want to fill this out. What if we have like 500 ideas lol? Are we only allowed to submit one? And what if we don’t have an exact description in mind? I’m really bad at descriptions.


No! You can submit as many as you’d like!!! I can’t wait to hear


And with the descriptions…I totally get it. Just give me your best shot


Of course!


Here goes my first one lol:
Title: CANDY
Description: idk I’ll make a rough draft? Candy isn’t your average girl. She’s the boss. The main bitch. The leader. And nothing will get in her way. (I’m so bad with descriptions it’s not even funny plz fix this if you have ideas)
Story genre: action/comedy
Speech bubble style: the pink one
Characters: Candy



Queen Cobra( she’s antagonist)


Art scenes: none at moment maybe some?
Main events: love interest 1 gives her a job at work, then both gangs have to bond together to get it done, love interest bonding time, flashbacks to Candy’s past( she was a circus performer)
Love interests, etc: Ryan is love interest 1, Kiara is love interest 2, Skittles is best friend
Backgrounds needed: none I don’t think
Instagram: I don’t have one
Character details: I’ll give them if you’re interested in this idea
If you need to ask me to clear anything up I will sorry I’m really bad at this! :sweat:


Hi! This idea isn’t really my type of story but I think you could definitely pull it off!! But I’m afraid this one isn’t for me. Can I hear your other 499 ideas?? :joy::heart:


Thanks for checking it out! And yes, I’ll definately give you my other 499 ideas. But just so I can narrow it down to like, 100 ideas, what kind of stories would you be interested in writing?


Can I ask what type of plots you’re looking for since the last two were not used? :sweat_smile:


Yes of course! I don’t want mature themes or strong language in the stories. I like really unique stories (have you ever seen Andrea Elle??) but if I had to pick a favorite genre that would be probably fantasy or drama with some comedy mixed between… but I like stories that are out of the box and you can’t really find anywhere else!


Of course! And see my comment at the bottom for what I’m interested in


I’m sorry if I can’t really get my thoughts through to you :slight_smile:️ I’m new to this!


I understand about not getting my thoughts through on something lol. I’ll probably give another one of my ideas tomorrow or something I got to find something I think you’ll like. :heart:


That would be great!


That sounds cool!


Hi guys! I’m afraid I’m going to close down this thread for right now. I know I just created it but my schedule just exploded!! I’m so sorry for the inconvenience and I know that all of you can make a great story with a little bit of effort! Happy Writing!