Anyone have advice for writing a schizophrenic character?

my main character is schizophrenic, so I spent all last week researching and talking with the nurses my mom works with about the psychological side of the illness, but I still have a lot of grey area that needs to be filled.

i really just want to be able to correctly portray such a misunderstood illness, but it’s hard to do that when so much false information is spread about it on the media.

if you have any advice at all I’d really appreciate you sharing because I’m so stuck rn 🥲


if you know of any good movies or tv shows that talk about schizophrenia that would help too!

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Facebook has some great groups about mental illness and likely schizophrenia. They are usually run by people with the specific disorders they are made for, and are a treasure trove of information. I think it’s great that you’ve been talking to people and doing research! You don’t want anything to come across as offensive, inaccurate, or stereotypical, so kudos for trying to learn as much as you can before jumping into your story. Good luck!


I added some things about it on my thread, It might help you a little!

The information was taken from google but I did my research before posting it!


Something I see way too often is portraying people with schizophrenia as violent. This is actually so incredibly damaging and harmful because in reality the percentage of people using violence as a direct correlation with this mental illness is so low. I also encourage you to not portray them as helpless or anything like that, they can still live life to the fullest. It 100% has its challenges so don’t down play that, but I feel there’s a balance to find.

I own a mental health account on instagram as well as a website so I’ve done a lot of research on different mental illnesses, but if you’re able to find someone who actually has schizophrenia, that would probably be most beneficial.


thank you so much I’ll definitely be checking out some groups!

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thank you so much dude!!

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very true! I’ll keep this in mind :))

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