Anyone have any cover art ideas for my story?

Hi ! I am currently writing a story right now and I don’t have an idea on what to do for the cover art. Here is the story description so you can get an idea of what the stories about, incase you would like to help. I would very much appreciate it <3

The royal family is viewed as this “perfect family”, when in reality they’re nothing close to perfect. What happens when Olivia’s father, King William. Sets up an arranged marriage for Olivia and she finally decides she’s had enough, so she runs away. With a 1 million pound reward for her return, she gets held captive from London’s most dangerous Italian mafia family. What will happen when Olivia and Lorenzo, the mafia’s son, finally meet? Will things work out well for Olivia? Or will she never be seen again.

Let me know if you have any questions about the story to help give you a better idea for the cover art. I will answer all the questions you guys may have.

Thank you !

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when i read this i thought of a ring in the trash and with the MC walking away in a bluerd background

is that a rommance story?


Ouuu that’s so creative, thank you!!

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I’ll pm you!

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I’ve got some very few ideas…

• The MC with a crown (because she’s from a royal background) kinda sad?

• The MC running away in a dark background?

• The Mafia boy and the MC together but with the MC’s face covered or maybe held captive?