Anyone have any edit ideas. (Not a request thread)

I want to practice some more edits. Only doing 6 ideas though. Maybe I’ll do a shop in the future if I get good but right now I’m just doing 6 ideas and for fun.


  1. How many people?2 people max. For 1 is it me or you, for 2 is it me and you or you and a friend,
  2. What genre from the following list? Fantasy, romance, adventure, mystery, casual, business, comfort, eating or/ and from the decades (which decade)?
  3. What type of person/ people? Humans, and/ or fantasy characters/ versions.
  4. Day, night, or sunrise?
  5. Sit, stand and/ or lay?

If yourself and/ or a friend, please include:

  1. Your’s and/ or their forums or Instagram username.
  2. You PERSONAL character details, aka you, not side characters of story characters please. (I’m not trying to make a shop just practicing for fun.) And/ or their PERSONAL character details.
  3. You’re and/ or their outfit details if you have a specific look. or if you have any custom outfit ideas.

List of ideas suggested (out of 6):

  1. Doc edit idea :white_check_mark:
  2. Adventure Night

(Thank you in advance for help/ ideas)


Bump :hugs:

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Here is a quick idea.



Fantasy character



Character: You
Pose: Maybe Sitting on a dock and using their powers? Really can be anything fantasy related.


Oh, ty :blush:

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2 (random chcracters)



Night or late evening

Sit and Stand

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Thank you for the idea!!! I’ll try an edit soon.

1 person, fantasy, a witch, night and stand.

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Ty for the idea!! I’ll try it soon, maybe a witch in a broom stick?