Anyone have any filters?

does anyone have any good filters for stories/editing???

Authors like @aaliyah.creates have some free use filters w/ credits, & the website cleanpng has a ton of filters you could overlay onto your story. Also if you’re looking to edit like a picture or cover or something like that, websites like BeFunky are the best. If you’re going this route you could also always screenshot the picture with your phone & download an app like VSCO. Lmk if you want links for creators with free use filters!

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omg tysm!!
do you think that you could send some links if possible??

Of course! Linktree is where most authors/artists post their templates but you can also check the threads on here for people listing their work! Just make sure you read their rules cuz some require credit❤️

P.S. if you’re looking for just plain old filters that you edit onto a photo I can make some for you if you send me the pictures you’d like them on