Anyone have any good stories to read?

Hey does anyone know any good stories to read o. Episode or does anyone have a story they created which I am able to read if so please tell me :upside_down_face:


Any genre you’d like?

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Tbh I like all but mostly action :sunglasses:

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You can read mine🤍

  • Story name: Criminal Lover
  • Author: WrittenbyRo (@writtenby_ro)
  • Genre: Romance
  • Description: Two people stuck in life in different ways. One is about to be homeless while the other is serving a life sentence in prison. Fate put them on the same path, but where will it lead them?⁣⁣⁣


Then I would recommend:
Blackbird by Licorice
Assassins by inkee
Remnant Past by Madhu


I will go and read that now ! It looks amazing keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

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Hmm action isn’t my strong genre so I’d go with @Nessya suggestions :sunglasses: A few all round ones I like are:

My Lover’s Bite
My Guardian Angel
Princess Proper
One Of The Girls
Behind Closed Doors

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Thank you

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You are welcome :blush:
In Ink there are some cool stories too.
I Despise You Action/Comedy by Costa
Fixation, Assassins of Blackwood and War Dogs, I haven’t read these but heard good things about them.

Here’s mine! :innocent:
Title : Maid Of Honour
Genre : Fantasy and Mystery

Description: Especially in the Victorian era. You must do the best to survive.We must do the best to survive, but will going to a new realm be enough? Limted CC

Includes: Many things but in further episodes

You can read mine.
Title: Shado
Author: Roy
Description: After tragedy, Roy returns to civilization a changed women. She begins her crusade, determined to put things right, with the help of her trusted people,waging a one-woman on crime.
Genre : Action
Style: Ink
Chapters: 9 and ongoing

Josie just released a new story called A Different Rainbow. It’s about living with autism. Such a cute story! Go have a read!

The universe’s plan! By clara.writes!

Hey :slight_smile: Maybe you’ll like my story :

You can check out mine :blush:

Title: Blackbird
Author: Licorice
Genre: Action
Summary: Being her personal assistant isn’t the only thing Chase’s new boss has in mind for him. Secrets of the underworld begin to unveil, and not everything is exactly as it seems. (Male & female MC, point system, impactful choices)
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 8 (more coming soon)

Instagram: @licorice.ep

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Thank youuu :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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Hi @DarkXBear you may read mine if you want it’s romantic-drama-comedy :yellow_heart:

Title: I married my troublemaker (limelight)
Author name: Miss Deepika
Style: Limelight
Episode: 18 so far
Description: Fixed marriage with a person who brings trouble in your life, will this marriage turned out to be a success or big misery in your life.
{Art scenes}

Genre: Drama
Ig: @orangeweedie.episode

English is not my first language so kindly bear my small mistakes :heart:


Here’s mine if you’re interested in a dark thriller.

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OOOOO YES A COLORED main character !? he looks soooooo good ! :heart:
im definitely reading it !

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