Anyone have any tips?

Hiya everyone. How you all doing? So i’ve just joined the forums and I’m looking for some tips and tricks for my story. So i’m not new to coding ik how to do it (thank you joseph evans my lord and saviour.)
But what do you guys hate in stories or love in stories?
Tell me what should i do and not do?
What type of stories do you like to read?
Also what do you like to see in an Mc and a LI?

I’m really sorry if this is in the wrong category.


So visually: it’s a lot more important than you may think! The story has to look visually good for the reader to fully enjoy it (there are great stories without much visually interesting things), you should do zooms! They really help intensify the mood and dialogue. Also a thing I’ve noticed, is that the speech bubbles have to look good too! Proper spelling, grammar, and also a space after a comma. Use some overlays and layering to add depth to the story!

Tips for an interesting plot/story overall: don’t overthink everything, write what you like but feel free to take suggestion from other people, don’t feel pressured to write if you don’t want to! To keep the story interesting, don’t reveal everything about the characters at once! Do some flashbacks (but not too many, it can get quite annoying), do cliffhangers, ask the reader questions and only later give the answers, keep the reader wondering and imagining what could happen next. Do plot twists, if a reader thinks they know what’s going to happen, prove them wrong!

It also really helps if you have planned out what you want to write beforehand.

I really hope this can somehow help you!

Best of luck in writing! :heart:


Thanks babe. It did help. I kind of have an idea on my plot but i need to plan it out.

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Also what do readers like to see in an Mc and a LI?
As i don’t want my story to be a cliche (example- Bad boy and nerd mc)
Like i was saying before i sort of have a plot but i have no idea what should happen in my story it’s really hard to explain :joy:.


They want to like them, relate to them or be like them.
Make sure you characters have a story, an interesting personality, something unique, you also have to make them with a background story! Write them, so that the decisions they make, make sense to them and that they do it for a reason!


Thank you!!

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I think relatable and unique characters are the best. It’s important that your characters have flaws, so they can be more realistic.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with cliches because everyone’s stories are different.

Your directing doesn’t have to be out of this world to be a great story. I’ve read many great stories with limited directing. They use narration more instead. Narration is vital and will help the reader connect with the characters more.

When I write something I tend to do a lot of self-criticism. There is this YouTube channel called “Cinemasins” that critiques movies. His videos are more comical, but I’ve learned more of what I should and shouldn’t do in my story from him.

But, if you do make a story it’s always nice to do a bit of research before hand, I’ve seen a lot of stories where things are portrayed incorrectly.

Personally, I’m not really a fan of bad boy characters or mafia stories, but, that’s just a preference. I do like certain ones though.

Good luck on your writing/coding! If you ever need any help, let me know! :slight_smile:


Thank you! x


this is actually something i have trouble with too, so thanks for asking this, i didn’t even think to-

and thank you ann and ava for helping

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@JemU776 has some great topics about how to code and good tips. If you type in the search bar on the forums what types of stories people like, there will be loads of interesting threads to help you :grin: If you need anything else, don’t be afraid to pm me.

I plan all my major plot points out ahead of time, then add big events I want to happen in each episode, then add more detail for each episode. It’s time consuming, but I’m a planner! So I like to know all my major scenes before I sit down to work on an episode. Even then, some days dialogue is hard, so I’ll focus on coding and directing, and other days if the dialogue is flowing, I’ll write all the words without touching the directing side!

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