Anyone have any zoom tricks?

Hey guys!
Anyone know anyone zoom tricks? I’m writing a new story and need some help with spicing it up:) Please help heheheh!!!

Lily B

Yes! I wrote a whole post about this sort of thing.

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Does anyone know if/how you can make some characters move to the side WHILE also zooming? Like I have a scene with the MC behind the bar and a few guests infront of it, and I’d like to zoom in on her, but I need the two characters infront of her to move out of the way… Is that a thing you can do? :thinking:

Thank you,

Yep! Just use the & commands. If you do something like this:


All 3 of these things will happen simultaneously.

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While you’re zooming, have the characters you want out of the way to walk to new spot while doing some idle animation.

Ex. @ CHAR walks to spot 1 100 100 in zone 2 in 2 AND CHAR does it while idle

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