Anyone have episode bag overlays?

I just need some bag overlays like this:

I will credit I just need some singular bags like this

If you go to the art gallery the bags are already overlays :sparkles: You can just download them.

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Wdym art gallery?

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On the episode interactive website there’s the art catalog with backgrounds, overlays, clothing, etc. if you go to the clothing section it shows all the clothing and accessories :two_hearts:

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I understand that but I would like to use them as props and overlays

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You can’t use them as props :see_no_evil:

I think :thinking: but you can def use them as overlays.


Yeah that’s what I’m looking for

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@PropertyofNae already told you :see_no_evil: I would just repeat myself.

Here’s a ss of what she is talking about.


Also I’m pretty sure you can’t use them as props. Episode only has props that they released. Hopefully this made sense!


I mean like making them as individual overlays like this one:

So I can upload it as a overlay and be used to sit in my characters room, I understand that they give us a full look of the clothes and backpacks but I want to use it as an overlay.

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Yeah, I have an iPhone so I just press on the image and save to my gallery and it comes up as an overlay.


Okay, I have one to that’s the information I needed thank you

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you right click on the clothing Item you have. choose save picture, its already a png, then you uploaded is to overlays.