Anyone have story ideas to help me out of my writers block?

Hey! So- I’ve been writing and publishing stories- but, each time I do- I notice nobody really reads my material- so just lose inspiration, motivation, and have awful writers block! I’ve been looking to write something new- something that catches onto the ‘Trend.’ I notice many people like Mafia, Supernatural, Love Affair drama, and Transformation- but so many people have written stories like those, that it’s hard to find something new, and original!! So I was hoping you guys could come up with some ideas, and could help me with my writers block! I am looking for something sweet and romantic, with a hint of magic, and crazy twists!! Any advice and ideas, would be extremely helpful!! Thank you! And have a lovely day!! :blush:


You’re welcome to visit my thread: Writing an Episode story 101 - The key to success, I think it can be helpful :sunflower:

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Thank you so much!:blush:

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Just don’t write mafia stuff, please! Because that’s toxic and glorifies crime truth be told.

I think you should stick with a unique plot, no point in being like everyone else.

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Okay!! Thank you for the advice! It’s greatly appreciated :blush:

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