Anyone have these backgrounds?

I have been searching high and low for backgrounds, but I can’t seem to find any. Does anyone happen to have these:

  • A modern-ish boutique interior
  • Cobblestone street
  • Dressing room
    If you have one, thank you so much! Just lmk how to credit. I know I can go to a shop and ask for one, but I’m trying that as my last resort. :blob_hearts:
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What kind of dressing room are you looking for? There should be one in the catalog, but if not I could try and find one for you! :))

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For the dressing room, I’m looking for a smaller one, kind of like a stall in a mall or a store or something like that.

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Are these any good?

Cobblestone street

Boutique interior

There is always the modern-boutique in the portal, but here are others. (sorry they aren’t the best)

Dressing room

(I can remove the clothes that are visible in the mirror and on the wall if you’d like.)

I can make tweaks for these backgrounds if you’d like, let me know!

[I found these on pexels, so no credit needed :))]

Hope you found what you were looking for :two_hearts:

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Ah, okay! Here’s something I found on the forums that might work!!

Be sure to credit @/MooMoo1 if you use it :))


I meant to reply to you but you get the gist haha

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@nuha.episode @episode.myra - Thank you so much, they’re perfect!

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