Anyone have title ideas for my story?

hii! last time i was trying to think of a story name, you guys were SUPER helpful so i thought i’d ask for help again!

i’m currently writing a story about a reality tv show. i was originally going to name it ‘the bachelorette’ but i feel like that’s too basic and lots of stories are already called that (and there’s a tv show with that name) so does anyone have any ideas besides that?

story description

my story is a wlw story about an ordinary girl who loves to watch the show (insert story name here) and she sees a commercial for it on tv saying they need a new bachelorette (or whatever else the mc would be called), and she decides to apply, not expecting anything. 2 weeks later she gets an email that she was chosen to be the bachelorette (or whatever else the mc would be called) along with a plane ticket to the show’s mansion in miami.



The Miami Bachelorette
The Bachelorette
Miami Diva
Digging for Fame
Fame and Glory


The last to remain??


ooh i really like this one! if i use it, how should i credit you?

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Just with my Forums name please! :grin:

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Hi! I have a story title shop, you can check it <3

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