Anyone have writer's block or want a co-writer?

Hi!! So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m rubbish at thinking up a plot for my own stories, but quite good, if I say so myself, at thinking on how to expand someone else’s story, like a co-writer. That then leads to this topic, does anyone want a co-writer? I’ll be active quite often and happy to help if you’re stuck on any grammar or spelling! If you do want a writing partner, then just PM me and I’ll get back as soon as possible :slight_smile:


I need help with one thing, I have a story about 2 twins with completely different lives and then they switch bodies and have to live each other lives. I can’t come up with any ideas as to why they switched, they don’t have a great realationship so they don’t want to be each other or anything like that… pls help

Maybe they have some sort of fairy godmother (could even be a family member like their grandma) who sees their rocky relationship and thinks they need to learn a lesson by living in each other’s bodies. Idk, just an idea.

Actually that was a great idea! Thank you

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No problem! Good luck on your story, it sounds really interesting.

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Hmm… Maybe if you want it to be a fantasy story it can be their parents’ welldoing? They could have seen how their daughters/sons have grown up together and maybe did some sort of magic? Idk, ask if you want any more ideas.

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Thanks, but the parents are divorced and their father is too busy for them. I think I’m gonna go for the fairy godmother, but thanks for the idea anyway :+1:

oh ok, that’s fine :slight_smile: good luck to your story!

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Thank you!

Im looking for a writer partner for my stpry Youth its a mess can you help me?

What do you need help with?

I was hoping that you would be an official co-writer with me. The story is called youth
This is a link to the story, It’s basically 10 teenagers who deal with different adversaries that affect their life in high school and I need help on making it better.

Could you help me! I’m still stuck on episode 1 for a few days now. I feel like my episodes are moving to fast.

Ok! Either PM me on here or on my Instagram with some more information (epy.kaleidoscope) :slight_smile:

You can use my new form if you need any help!

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Oooooh, I know this is really late and you probs don’t need it anymore, but they accidently had their bodies switched when they where babies and they just found out so they are trying to fix it. Idk just a suggestion :sweat_smile:

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Hi! Lmao I have writing block too! Would you wan to brainstorm some ideas? DM me on instagram @jennastories

i have come up with a plot and part of the story but im having difficulty s on what else to do…please help! stormy is a trained assassin who was borne into a gang when she assassinated the biggest gang in newyork, the golden skulls, leader, what will happen to her. its kind of vague but idk… who am i kidding im terrible at this this is why i need help…:worried::worried::worried: