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What happens to period if we multiply the wavelegth by 2

Period as in…? (Might possibly be able to help)

Ok, here’s what I think :thinking:

Read this lol:

Here’s an example:


Velocity (v) = 5 m/s

Wavelength (λ) = 20 m

Find: frequency (f) and wave period (T):

f=v/ λ


So, if we substitute it into the formula:

f= 5 / 20 = 0.25 Hz

T= 1/0.25= 4

So the wave period (T) is 4.

Now, let’s say we multiply the wavelength by 2 (20 x 2 = 40)

We now have:

Velocity (v) = 5 m/s

Wavelength (λ) = 40 m

And if we plug it into the equations shown above:

f= 5 / 40 = 0.125 Hz

T= 1/0.125= 8

It went from 4 to 8 (it doubled just like the wavelength did)

Also, in addition, period is the reciprocal of frequency (so if wavelength is doubled, and frequency is halved, then that must mean period is also doubled)

So, basically the time it takes to complete a cycle is the period and frequency (the number of cycles in a second) is the inverse of this.

Also, take a look at this graph:


The period is the measure of time it takes for the wave cycle to complete (usually measured in seconds)


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BTW Each wavelength lasts 4 seconds- so 2 would last 8 seconds in total. There is a constant time for each wavelength : )

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