Anyone in need for a background or cover to be made?

Here is an example of one I have made.

And another one.

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they look really good !

I could use someone to do some backgrounds for me if you’re willing to work with me :sweat_smile:

Of course.

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Can you make limelight background?

yes here is a pic.



Can i tell u the details of my character n will u make an art scene for me?


Thank you

By art scene do you mean like this story includes sound or this story will be continued?

No… but I need a cover with a girl n boy holding hands ( my characters)

Sry I can’t do with the characters holding hands. Wish I could but I can’t and don’t know how​:sob::joy:

It’s ok… maybe a romantic scene in park?

Yeah I could do that. Send the characters description like skin tone,etc and the emotions of the characters and the Park background name.

Here’s the description:-
Skin: rose 00
Eyes: slender monolid colour: deep blue
Face shape: long diamond
Mouth: full heart pouty colour: pink warm gloss
Hair: long curls Colour: chestnut brown
Eyebrows: arched thin high colour: chestnut brown
Nose: Grecian soft

Name: Liam
Skin: neutral 00
Eyes: oval wide colour: deep blue
Face shape: male generic
Mouth: thin heart Colour: fair neutral matte
Hair: generic short colour: chestnut brown
Eyebrows: male generic colour: chestnut brown
Nose: Grecian narrow…

Thank you so much :heartbeat::heartbeat:

Outfit names? And their expression and the background park name.