Anyone in need of help with their story?



If you’re looking for a co-author, I’m available. I can help with anything.

I also do covers. I’m simply offering a hand with writing.
If you want my help, message me on Instagram @calysta.g


Hi , I’m knew in this, and I wolud love to start writting my own story , i dont know how to do that so i need your help. if you saw that please answere


Okay I can help. Do you have access to Instagram?


hey I need a co author


hey i’d love if you could help me with my stories. I just need help with advanced outfit choices and covers, right now I’m working on a story called Keymaster so if you do decide you can help me I would just love a cover that has to do with the silver key necklace


Dm me on Instagram and we’ll talk more about it @calysta.g


Dm me on Instagram and we’ll talk more about it @calysta.g


That sounds like fun, don’t be shy about messaging me


sure thing


Hello All,
I’m an Episodian. I’ve written 6 chapters till now, but there must be errors as it is going to be my first story.
So kindly, help me with advance directing and make my writing error-free and by looking at those I think I can learn too!
Please, Those who can really guide me and edit my writing reply here! I’m in extreme need of person who can make my writings error-free and in return I can offer

  1. Real good plots with twists
  2. Perfect language and grammar
  3. Beta reading
  4. Character making
  5. Putting just the perfect animation
  6. Making any scene as backgrounds are also my strengths to offer in return to make my story error-free.

Is there anyone, disguised as my guardian angel? :innocent:

Waiting reply/replies.
Ani.14 :slightly_smiling_face:


i actually don’t have instagram, would ifunny be alright? if so, my user is I_will_smile_spam_you


I don’t have ifunny ?


what about discord?


Hey, this is my first time writing and i’m super confused… I need help learning the ropes.


Hello…maybe you can help me please?


Ive been looking for someone who does covers and need an idea for the cover of a new story im writing with my friend. If your intrested hmu on istagram @itsemely_sofuckoff


I need help with a story