Anyone Interested in a Read for Read?

HEY GUYS!!! :wave:t4:

I’m a new writer in the Episode community and I just wrote a new story called Complete Me. If you read my story (just 3 episodes) I will gladly read yours!! Send me a SC when you’re done. Let me know if you’re interested!! Thanks!

Title: Complete Me
Author Name: episo_domonique
Description: A good girl with a troubled past meets her match when she falls in love with trafficker Safar Hajjar. But what happens when her past finally catches up with her and hunts her down?
Chapters: 3 episodes but more coming very soon…
Genre: Romance/ Action
Style: Limelight
Instagram: episo_domonique
Story Link:
Story cover:

XOXO Domonique :heartbeat:


hi :sunflower: :yellow_heart: I’d love to do a r4r! here’s mine:


Title: Reveal: Unkissable
Author: MK
Genre: Drama, Romance
Description: A series of unfortunate events that all started with one exceptionally bad hair day. | CC, LL |
ig: @mk_words_unwritten

Looks amazing!! I will follow you on Insta. Make sure to follow me back!!

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Hey. I can do a r4r. Just published a new story.

Hey thanks for this thread and dm me for r4r🥰
Here’s my story
TITLE : It’s Impenetrable
AUTHOR : Khushboo
GENRE :Drama
DESCRIPTION :Amelia has been running away from her past, but what happens when it follows her and destroys her happiness? Will she be able to sustain it or will it consume her? (CC, 2LI)

Amazing will read. Make sure to follow me on Ig @episo_domonique!

I love the cover. I will read it tomorrow when I have a fresh pair of eyes. :sweat_smile: Make sure to follow me on Ig @episo_domonique!

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Thankyou :grin: Sure​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Would you like to do a r4r?
My story:
Title: Still Strong
Ig: lyra.episode
Description: you’re a rich and famous athlete with a horrible past. He’s your new manager and ex-football star. What are you willing to do for each other? Will you let him in?

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I will read yours now And I will send you screenshots I hope you will do the same :cherry_blossom:
My story :——-
Story title :- Darker than Black

Author :- flare

Description:- Under some Circumstances you will have to act as Psychologist at the house of the riches people in the country , will you mange to keep your identity hidden ?

Genres :- Drama , Romance .

Current chapters :- 4 (on going )

style :- LL

Choices matter

Points system

You can customize the main charecter and name it the way you want !

Cover :———-

Link :

Yes!! I would love! DM me on IG @episo_domonique the screenshots!

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Yes ofc I will send screenshots! DM me and follow me on IG @episo_domonique! Thank you!

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I don’t have an instagram account so I send you the screenshots here in PM :cherry_blossom: