Anyone interested in a Read4Read? 😊 (Still Open)


Hi there! I’d love to do a R4R with you :blush:
So far I’m about to read episode 4 of your story as i got quite curious of the plot, but as my story only goes to three atm could you read 3 of those?

First of all, Looove your cover and the quotes before the chapter begins :heart: for the story itself it has a good storyline,and it flows really smoothly giving hints here and there without giving out too much and still keeps the mystery going so well done in that :smile: the only thing i would add is more choices? It doesnt have too be too much or too impactful to the story but just enough to get the readers to be able to interact in the story & be part of it :slight_smile:

But overall very good story~ :wink:

As for my story, it is called Beauty in Melancholy, description as below but i’ll also fill out the form you’ve provide ^^

Title: Beauty in Melancholy
Author: Clotho
Instagram; @clotho.episode
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Genre; Romance, Slice of life, drama, with a little comedy
Style: INK
Description: Silver is an introvert who just started Uni, her life took a massive turn after meeting a group of people in one fateful yet crazy night




Cheers! :slight_smile:


Hi there! Okay sure, let’s do it :blush:
Just fill out the form and send me a screenshot via PM when your done reading my story and then I’ll start yours :blush:


Hey! Thanks for reading and the feedback, I really appreciate it! :kissing_heart: I have other stories that I have to read and when I’m done with them I’ll start yours :blush:


Hey guys! I’m sill open for read for reads, so if you’re interested, just fill out the form in the thread description :blush:


Ooh the cover looks beautiful! Added your story to my list and have filled out the form :wink:


Aww thank you! :blush: